Frequently Asked Design Questions

Web Design


The length of time any design or development project takes really depends on the requirements. For instance a logo design, usually, takes considerably less time to complete than a full, all singing, all dancing website. Timescales, however, can be agreed upon when we discuss your project and we’ll be able to tell you what can be expected for your budget.

Under usual circumstances we require a 50% deposit, to help us meet the initial costs of your project, before we can undertake any design work. However, we can discuss you individual needs and of course the initial discussions are completely free.

While budget is obviously a factor, we are extremely passionate about design and a low budget with us certainly does not mean sub-standard work. When we take on your project we will do it to the very best of our abilities.

Yes... we believe that the success of your project depends on a great partnership between us both. Once we have discussed your requirements we will agree some time scales between us to get some things across and in turn dates you’ll need to get us things, for example, any specific text you’d like to use in your brochure or site page for instance. These dates can, of course, be adjusted between ourselves should the need arise.

Not necessarily, though under usual circumstances we certainly think it may be advisable to ensure we give you the very best possible results on your project. However, we can accept that business comes first so if it’s a phone call discussion or an evening meeting that’s needed, then that’s what it will be... your needs come first.

Well, firstly, we’d like so say a quick thank you for considering us... Your project is very important to us and our first step is to either meet up, email us, contact us online or have an informal chat over the phone to when you can let us know the basic aspects of your design or development project. We’ll then be able to get a better grasp over what’s required and give you some idea on timescales and pricing.

Yes... design and development projects needn’t be expensive and that can even include your website. We offer excellent rates on all your work so if you’re after a logo design or even a website you really shouldn’t be frightened to ask us... no matter how tight you think your budget is. Call us now on ... for an informal chat about your requirements.

Web Design

A CMS or Content Managed System is simply a website where you have control over the general content on your website pages. With a CMS site from us you will be able to edit on your pages through a simple to use text editor, not entirely dis-similar to Microsoft Word, called a WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) with which you can bold text, add images etc.

HMTL is simply the code that a website or web page is built up from whether it’s structured with PHP or not. Static HTML websites or web pages from us will be purely from html and, unless you have an okay understanding of HTML, will need us, or someone like us, to make any required layout or text changes for you, which obviously means a further expense, based on an hourly rate, should this need arise. However, initial costs for a site like this are less.

Well, that’s really your call, but obviously we can help you to make an informed decision when we discuss your needs. As mentioned in our previous FAQ, static websites are naturally cheaper than a CMS option as it is much less complicated. You will also need to consider how much control you want over your site. If you’ll want to make changes to content, then a CMS option is probably for you. However, if you think that you’ll only need a few changes some times, then go static.

For an online shop or eCommerce store you’ll be needing a website which can give you product pages, category sections, a basket and a checkout (plus a few other extra bits of course). We offer some fantastic e-commerce packages to suit most budgets, offering you all those pages plus the ability to create your own informational pages, control the information on your product pages, default category layouts (list or grid views) and more. Read about our ecommerce options.

There are plenty of options out there and it will really depend on who you bank with and could be something you may want to look into as they will carry different transaction charges. Here’s a couple you could look in to: Sage Pay & Barclaycard ePDQ. You can also use Paypal and Google Checkout, both which can be fully integrated with your online store from us. Which you choose can be discussed when we discuss your ecommerce website.

Well firstly we’ll be wanting to get you listed on more than just Google... Bing and Yahoo could also generate you more than a few visitors. That aside, listings on all these will actually appear naturally as the browsers mentioned naturally crawl your website themselves. However, it’s always advisable to submit your sitemap to them to ensure you’re receiving maximum site exposure and also consider all your other aspects for search engine optimisation. See how we can help.

To get your products listed on Google’s shopping pages you need to be submitting them. It’s a free service and can make a real difference to the number of visitors your site experiences if you do it right. Why not get in touch with us to discuss getting this set up for you.

Yes listing your products on Amazon is possible, in fact it’s something you can even do for yourself: However, if you’re purchasing a website through us we can organise to have products you want on amazon to be automated for you so you get as little hassle possible. Why not call us to discuss this now.

Which site pages to choose really depends on what your company does. For instance, if you’re selling kitchens online and you offer interest free credit it’s probably something you’ll want to shout about or maybe you’re a plumber, you’ll probably want to show off your qualifications and the key services you offer to help boost confidence in you. So, as you can see there’s not really any right or wrong answer to what your site page should say. What we can say, though, is a site page should benefit

You can either supply us with your own images or we can arrange to source these for you. The cost of images vary based the image itself (like anything some are more expensive than others) and what it will be used for. For instance, an image for a brochure or print will need to be of a higher quality than one to be used online.

PHP is simply the coding language we use to code your website in where a database, to store information  is required. There are lots of languages out there that your site could be written in but this is our choice and will provide you with a fantastic website. To find out a bit more about some of the great things writing your website in PHP can do visit or e-commerce shop or CMS website pages.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is not any one particular thing, rather a mixture of things across your site / site pages all of which help you to gain natural traffic to your site from sources such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Visit our SEO page to find out some of the things we can do to help your site grow.

We currently do not offer website hosting through ourselves. However, we do know lots of places where you can and will be only too happy to help you arrange this having advised you which will most suitable for your website.

We’re always happy to answer any queries you may have once we’ve completed your website, so don’t sit there struggling. If it’s something more long term, like helping with your site ongoing SEO success we can sit down to discuss a support contract which will suit your needs and not leave you feeling out of pocket. Why not contact us now to discuss your website and what we can do to help you with your long term success.