A carbon-neutral creative digital agency...

Our journey to becoming digitally greener

As businesses across the UK transition to net-zero by reducing their carbon emissions, we're doing our bit by reducing our carbon footprint. By our calculations (based on rigorous data collection, the use of online calculators and carbon offsetting), we're proud to operate as a carbon-neutral digital agency.

By understanding our carbon footprint, we aim to support our clients in reducing their carbon too. We offer services that help our clients to understand the carbon impact of their website builds and what can be done to reduce the carbon emissions involved.

Proud to be partnering with

Proud to be partnering with

We've partnered with the environmental organisation, Ecologi to offset our non-avoidable emissions and plant trees as part of a regular monthly commitment to helping regenerate the planet. Since we signed up in October 2021, we've:

Planted 0 trees around the globe
Offset another 0 tonnes of carbon through various international projects
  • 1 year green
  • 50 tonnes carbon offset
  • 6 months climate positive
  • 3 months climate positive
  • 1000 trees planted
  • 500 trees planted
  • 100 trees
  • 10 tonnes carbon offset
  • SME Climate Hub, Feel Created Ltd
Kicking the CO2 habit How we're tackling it...
  • We’re starting with the fundamentals

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. And more recently, Costa Rica didn’t recover its nation’s forest cover overnight. So, we looked at the basics first when making simple changes to reduce our carbon impact:

    • We turn off non-essential electrical devices daily / over the weekend
    • We make sure our waste is handled correctly for recycling
    • We regularly reassess our journeys to work, taking the most efficient route possible
  • We’re developing best practices

    We’re encouraging good habits in our workforce to make sure they become best practices. Changing our mindset by understanding our own carbon impact puts us in the best place to understand the needs of our clients. We can then work with our clients to reduce carbon impact in their web design and builds. You can read more about this in our blog on steps to creating carbon-neutral websites.

  • We’re consistent in our approach

    We work with only trusted & reliable suppliers and partners such as WordPress for a couple of reasons.

    A) they are more likely to be working towards their own net-zero targets

    and B) we can consistently measure the impact of using their systems because they are transparent with their approach.

    Any changes or updates to their policies are communicated, making it easier to record and calculate data relating to carbon impact.

  • We’re driving towards certified carbon-neutral status in 2022

    As a small business, we’re currently priced out of carbon-neutral certification. But we will continue working with Ecologi, who in turn aim to support more attainable certification for small businesses. Rather than focussing on what we can’t do (yet), we’re committed to doing what we can. We’ll continue to:

    • Identify and aim to reduce our carbon emissions
    • Offset our non-avoidable carbon emissions
    • Plant trees
    • Work with carbon-neutral suppliers where possible
Let's talk green Let's talk green