A network of CMS websites

A group of recruitment specialists from apprentice to boardroom

A network of CMS websites
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A network of fully editable CMS websites

An in-depth WordPress solution for a network of CMS based websites

Nicholas Associates are a group of recruitment companies who are specialists in their fields, supporting talent from Apprentice to Boardroom, with a mission to enable people to be their best.

Working together since 2015, Nicolas Associates approached us with a requirement to produce a group of websites that would work together seamlessly, while allowing individual arms to control their own specific content.

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A network of fully editable CMS websites

Sharing site content & news

Reducing the workload

While the group required each division to be able to fully manage their own content, easily share relevant content from site to site was a must to help minimise the workload for their internal team.

We delivered a solution that allowed their teams to simply build branded pages on each of their ten individual and specific websites, while distributing any relevant content across the group in one click, along with instantly visible editing of the shared information throughout the network.

Individual control for ten identities

Delivering the sites they need

As touched upon, while the network of sites allow the group to share common news and other content, the sites also give the ability to individually control content.

This was delivered with a page builder that gives each member the same features but outputs them in a way that best suits the divisions brand and requirements along with any specific requirements, such as job search facilities, feeding the request through to their internal systems and delivering a great user journey.

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The team offers websites that have the perfect combination of technical functionality and front-end design, meaning that we are always confident that we are receiving the most functional CMS system without compromising the look and feel of the site.

Their commitment and professionalism is second to none, and the high level of service provided is precise, thorough and always delivered with exceptional speed. They take the time to make themselves available to the business to understand specific objectives, in order to fully achieve requirements. The final websites completely met and even exceeded our expectations and has already led to the achievement of our desired goals.

Feel Created also supply an ongoing maintenance service to the site, involving new development and updates to the core framework, which has been in place since launch of the websites.

We are continuously impressed with the service that we receive from Feel Created, and know that their expertise has contributed towards the success of our websites, and our positive online presence.

Ross Cumming, Software Development Manager, Nicholas Associates Group

Updates & maintenance

Over six years working closely together

We’ve now successfully been working together with the team at Nicholas Associates Group for over six years now. Services we continue to deliver include regular updates to the network of site, such as design alterations to keep things fresh through to our regular maintenance service which keeps the system up to date and mindful around security.

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