Is WordPress or a bespoke CMS better for my website build?

Exploring the benefits of WordPress, the world’s leading CMS

Since its initial launch as a blogging platform in 2003, WordPress has become the world’s leading content management system (CMS). The solution now has a content management market share of over 65 per cent, according to W3 Techs, and is utilised by many big name brands, including TechCrunch, The New York Times, The Walt Disney Company and Sony Music. With over 400 million people viewing more than 20 billion WordPress pages each month, WordPress is a sound choice for today’s website builds.

Of course, there are many other CMS options available, including having a CMS built from scratch. As developers utilising WordPress as a tool, here are the top reasons why we recommend WordPress over a bespoke CMS for our clients.

A website that’s unique to you

An entirely bespoke website is possible whether the site is developed in WordPress or built from scratch. By working with a developer, brands can achieve a unique website from design to build in WordPress. A common misconception is that WordPress sites are restricted to the functionality of an off-the-shelf themes. Working with a developer to create a custom WordPress theme allows you to focus on the specific features and functionality that matter to you and your business.

An efficient CMS

Streamlined features for a better user experience

A site that provides your target audience with a streamlined user experience is essential in today’s market. Global retail e-commerce sales are projected to grow to 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022. By tailoring the features of a website to a specific audience, brands have a better chance of capturing leads and securing market share. A custom site, built to WordPress standards, incorporates only elements relevant to your brand and ensures your website runs as quickly as possible.

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Tailored to meet your needs

Integrations with your existing business tools

A commonly asked question is whether the integration of existing business tools is possible with custom WordPress builds. Integration with all third-party systems is achievable; providing the third-party solution offers a way to achieve it, e.g. an application programming interface (API). For example, third-party integration with Mail Chimp can switch to become an Active Campaign integration as your business needs evolve.

Tailored to meet your needs

A tried and trusted platform

WordPress is open-source software, which is free of charge to access and adapt. The platform is well maintained and updated by professional developers and regularly reviewed by the community of developers that use it. The benefit to clients is that a custom WordPress build is subject to regular improvements and updates with no hidden fees or costs. Unlike a bespoke CMS, a WordPress built CMS is not tied to updates and maintenance through the agency that built it, futureproofing your website against problems that cannot be resolved.

Easy to manage

Content updates made simple

According to Hubspot, “text will always be the foundation of search, so making sure the text around your website’s assets is descriptive will help them rank well in search.” It’s essential websites are easily updated post-launch to ensure they stay relevant. WordPress Block Editor, or Gutenberg, is a valuable tool to help clients maintain their sites.

Users can update content blocks and even create landing pages, safe in knowing that the page look and feel will stay true to their brand. Block editing also means clients aren’t stuck with fixed templates and can arrange a page to fit their needs, using individual builder elements. A block editing approach helps users achieve variety in a controlled manner and can help to improve user engagement and conversion.

Easy to manage

A scalable solution for growing businesses

With WordPress, clients can have complete control over the site from design through to launch and beyond. What starts as a simple couple of pages can quickly evolve as a company grows its products and services. The platform also allows brands to grow sites as ‘networks’ for umbrella organisations and groups, leading to substantial cost savings. The beauty of a multisite system is that generic elements (such as trust-wide regulations) can be updated centrally, while unique content can also be produced under each site banner. WordPress multisites offer a cost-effective option if your business is complex and growing – in theory, the more sites added, the cheaper the overall build becomes.

Secure with simple maintenance

WordPress is as secure as a bespoke CMS system if the correct maintenance is carried out. The platform is very well supported and new versions are released as improvements are made. Steps to make your site more secure include: making sure your core CMS and plug-ins are up to date, using a high-quality hosting environment and setting secure passwords to avoid compromised login credentials. However, security doesn’t have to be a headache – your development team will usually provide regular update and maintenance support as part of an affordable retainer.

So is it WordPress or bespoke CMS?

At Feel Created, we use WordPress as our CMS of choice because of the significant benefits to our clients. WordPress as a CMS is a simple, familiar system for users and is cost-effective due to the speed at which custom development can be carried out in line with WordPress standards. Long term, we consider WordPress to be the most flexible option when factoring in future business growth. Clients can enjoy the same custom branding and functionality as with a bespoke CMS, but with the comprehensive support of WordPress.

If you’re interested in finding out more about WordPress as a CMS for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to talk you through the available options

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