Professional, bespoke WordPress solutions

A bespoke & unique finish built to work exactly as you want it to…

Our team are experts in web and WordPress. We use the system to develop bespoke themes that deliver comprehensive solutions for businesses throughout the UK & beyond. Our systems are intuitive and user-friendly along with integrated to the systems you need to make your solution deliver for your business.

Bespoke WordPress solutions made for your brand

An Individual Digital Tool
for Your Business

Because every business is different and needs to stand out from the competition, when it comes to crafting your website – we create a specific WordPress template for you, tailored around your own needs and objectives.

Because WordPress has become a standard for the industry, this gives you access to familiar tools and resources, with the intuitive back end systems that have become a trademark of this platform, whilst ensuring that the look and feel of the site is yours alone.

Why WordPress?

Familiar, adaptable & user friendly for your team

Over the last 10 years WordPress has become something of a standard for business websites.

System administrators are now more than capable of navigating and using its familiar back end systems. Therefore when it came to choosing a platform that simply plugs into your business, it had to be WordPress.

It’s simple and easy. Yet has the power to deliver the big results.

The big difference

Many WordPress developers use themes. We don’t.

Feel Created website's utilise the popular WordPress CMS. Which many businesses know and love.

Where other developers force you into a templated system, we build your WordPress site around your exact needs, using our expertise to build a solution that matches your brand perfectly and integrates seamlessly with the systems you need it to, only using a small mix of respected and specially selected plugins that will bring a real benefit to your digital solution.

Built on user experience… no PhD required

Digital Tools for Day to Day Use

Why do we use WordPress? Because this system is built for users.

What’s the point in having a great website – full of technology – if you need a PhD to use it? We always build your website to give you easy, intuitive tools and interfaces, that can be learned quickly, without having to compromise on power and functionality.

Use technology to simplify your processes, no more switching between systems – or having to manually input data.

WordPress gives us the power to build tools that fit exactly into your business.

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Longitude, WordPress CMS build: See the project
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